Introducing Cloud Computing from
SymQuest: 2 Secure Data Centers

SymQuest’s secure redundant data centers are housed in two independent collocation facilities in New England. The following specifications outline the many safety, security, and redundancy provisions made to insure that your network is always up and running.

Two is better than one

While it is possible to introduce a high degree of redundancy into a single site, there are always risks you can’t defend against. No matter how remote the chance that a fire or natural disaster might disable or destroy a data center facility, SymQuest simply doesn’t believe in gambling with its customers’ digital livelihoods. Guided by that core philosophy, SymQuest started out by designing a state of the art, internally redundant data center infrastructure — and then we duplicated it.

Located more than 200 miles apart, each of SymQuest’s data center infrastructures is capable of operating independently and acting as backups for each other. In the highly unlikely event that one data center facility is impacted by a disaster severe enough to knock it offline, customer computing environments can be quickly and easily transferred to the unaffected datacenter – all without making any configuration changes to those customer environments or even changing a single IP address.

How it works

Each of SymQuest’s two data center infrastructures is built with state-of-the-art computing, storage, and network equipment. They are attached to each other by low-latency, fiber-based connectivity that’s capable of non-disruptively scaling up to 10Gbps and beyond – allowing high-frequency primary storage replication as well as complete replication of archival disk-based backups. Each infrastructure is sized such that computing capacity allocated to customers on one data center infrastructure is fully reserved on the other. This excess capacity allows SymQuest to test its failover procedures on a regular basis to ensure that they are working properly.

The Facilities

Both of the facilities that SymQuest works with are designated as Tier II datacenters – each of which is equipped with a variety of measures to ensure high uptimes and high security. In both cases, regularly tested generator backup power, redundant UPS capacity, redundant power distribution, and redundant HVAC are leveraged to ensure continuous power supply and climate control for SymQuest’s data center infrastructure. Fire suppression is enabled by either gas-based FM200 or pre-action sprinkler systems (as required by fire code). Security is ensured by multiple layers of card scans, ID badge checks, and closed-circuit security camera systems.