A Mix of Solutions
for Businesses of All Sizes

Call it “information overload” – the explosion of emails, documents, presentations, videos, and databases that you create day after day. It doesn’t take long to realize you need a secure location to store all this data – not to mention the applications that run and protect your business, which require a lot of disk space.

With your data properly stored and managed, you remain in compliance with government regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, keep up with backups for the best virus-protection processes, and meet the ever-increasing demands of new software and operating systems. But just where do you store it all? The answer depends on your type of business, your size, and your accessibility needs. SymQuest offers a range of data storage options for our clients – for greater capacity, scalability, and accessibility.

On-Premise Data Storage

  • Local Storage
  • Shared Storage (SAN)
  • Archival Storage (NAS)
  • Offsite (tape, removable drives)

Hosted/Cloud Data Storage

SymQuest Knows Data Storage

At SymQuest, we help our clients store and manage their data, applications, and operating systems, so their businesses run smoothly behind-the-scenes.

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