Rutland County Parent Child Center (RCPCC)

Rutland County Parent Child Center,  Caprice Hoover
  • Non-profit with 43 employees based in Rutland, VT
    since 1985
  • Mission is to offer families and their children family-centered, comprehensive high quality services through homebased programs, playgroups, parent education and support, information and referral early childhood programs, community development and on-site services
  • Program offering includes Healthy Babies, Early Intervention and Theraputic Childcare
  • One-stop resource and referral center

SymPowered Office Makeover 2009
(Third in the Series)

The SymPowered Office Makeover, worth $25,000, is an annual philanthropic award founded on SymQuest’s commitment to give back to the communities in which our employees work, live and play. The Makeover includes: a server, multi-functional device (all-in-one copier, scanner, fax and printer), laptop(s), labor costs for technicians/engineers, monitored network service for one year, as well as
some fun extras.

The Goal

RCPCC applied for the 2009 SymPowered Office Makeover in hopes of getting assistance in improving their capabilities for providing communications, confidentiality, accountability and efficiency through technology, and thus to be in a much better position to focus and deliver on their mission.

The Challenge

Funded by diminishing state and federal grants, RCPCC had been unable to address their technological challenges for several years. RCPCC’s computer infrastructure was comprised of outdated, donated computers and a networked server.

The Solution

Rutland County Parent Child Center,  Caprice HooverThe SymPowered Office Makeover drastically improved and streamlined RCPCC’s office infrastructure, communications systems and capabilities for report processing. RCPCC was provided with a new server and supporting backup systems as well as a multi-functional color printer, firewall, and our SafetyNet monitoring program to proactively address issues 24/7 along with much needed workstations.

The Result

RCPCC is now much better able to provide information to state and federal agencies, as required by law, as well as communicate with parents. The training has supported RCPCC’s staff to take advantage of their new equipment. New color printing capability allows for the creation of much higher quality, more creative and professional communication tools.

Rutland County Parent Child Center,  Caprice Hoover“The SymPowered Office Makeover dramatically improved how we serve our clients, enabling us to better fulfill our mission of helping families to be successful. The new technology has freed up staff time formerly spent dealing with out-of-date equipment. The new color printer not only brings our costs down, but enables us to present materials in a more engaging format. One of our first communications upgrades has been to our newsletter which our parents are excited about. We are very grateful to SymQuest for this much needed support!” – Caprice Hover, Executive Director, RCPCC