Reduce Printing Costs with PaperCut MF


PaperCut’s print management software has helped over 50,000 organizations reduce their print costs and their environmental impact. With PaperCut, companies can control printing and copying, save money, and reduce printer waste for multi-function copiers and printers.

Control All of Your Printers and
Multi-function Devices from One Location

PaperCut MF allows you to manage your printers and copiers with one central software-based solution, reducing expensive and proprietary hardware like coin boxes and copier terminals.


  • Users are provided with different levels of access depending on their role (student, staff member, accountant, etc.).
  • Set different “off the glass” page quotas and charge-per-page costs.
  • Track MFP print, scan and fax usage.
  • Customize device access with individual user IDs and building access cards.
  • Monitor transactions in pay-to-print environments.
  • Integrate PaperCut with third party copier hardware terminals and controllers for devices.
  • Secure “Find Me” Printing:

    PaperCut’s Find-Me printing feature enables users to print to a global virtual queue. Jobs are paused and only printed when the user releases the job at any compatible MFD/printer:

  • Improved document security and convenience.
  • Reduce IT administrators need to manage multiple print drivers and queues for both workstations and notebooks.
  • Find-Me printing minimizes waste and has been shown to reduce printing output by up to 20% in busy office environments.
  • Support for multiple release methods ranging from auto release on authentication to active release job-by-job.
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