Print Management Assessments
– Because Knowledge Is Power

When it comes to your printing and imaging environment, what you don’t know CAN hurt you. According to Gartner Research, a typical business uses up to 3% of its revenue on printing, and 90% of businesses don’t know how much they spend on document output. Fortunately, this leak in your budget is easy to plug – with a SymQuest’s Print Management Assessment.

We Optimize Your Printing Fleet

Here are some questions we ask as part of our assessments:

  • What do you spend annually on copying, printing, and faxing? What are your
  • How many printers/copiers/fax machines do you have? Is each being used to full capacity and efficiency? How many are leased vs. owned?
  • How many types of toner do you stock? What’s your paper purchase history?
  • How many document equipment contracts do you have?
  • Are there several people in your office managing different aspects of your
    document output system?
  • Do you have a network printing plan and an annual budget?

Once a clarified picture emerges of your printer network, we recommend cost-saving solutions. Here are examples of solutions we’ve used with other businesses:

Get an Assessment Right Away
– And Start Saving Money

We often find that our Print Management Assessment saves clients as much as 30% after an evaluation. Combine those savings with our Print Monitoring Services and Managed Print Services Program, and you plug leaky holes in your budget, increase efficiency and productivity, and enjoy a high-quality final product for the end user.

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