Remote Print Monitoring Services

Despite the popularity of “virtual” technology like tablets, smartphones, and wireless, the vast majority of businesses still rely on printers and copiers for their day-to-day work. Yet many managers understandably neglect this part of their technology infrastructure, focusing instead on Data Storage, Email Protection, and other pressing IT concerns.

We believe most companies can lower costs, improve efficiency, and consolidate their equipment with proper monitoring of document output devices such as printers
and copiers.

With our Print Monitoring services, we help you get a handle on how much you’re currently spending on printing and copying and how to save money and time. Best of all, we offer remote connectivity, so that we can support your network appliances more efficiently and have you up and running again more quickly.

Why Our Clients Choose Print
Monitoring Services

SymQuest’s Print Monitoring services stand guard over your print environment: keeping tabs on your usage, scanning your system for full efficiency, and alerting you to upcoming problems before they become crises.

Print Monitoring services include…

  • Audit of your entire fleet – types and locations
  • Reports on current status – is it at peak efficiency?
  • Analysis of print and copy output – total ouput, color vs B&W if applicable, toner levels, costs per page

Count on SymQuest’s Print Monitoring services if you want to…

  • Lower costs
  • Consolidate equipment
  • Improve efficiency
  • Avoid downtime
  • Upgrade your technology
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Automate collection of monthly meter readings
  • Streamline ordering of printer and copier toner supplies

Want to safeguard more than your printers and copiers? Check out how we monitor your entire network infrastructure with our Sentinel monitoring services.

Eliminate Surprises with Automatic
Meter Reading and Online Reporting

With SymQuest’s Print Monitoring Services, your network’s meter is automatically monitored – so you can cross it off your to-do list. When a toner level is low or there’s a connectivity problem, we catch it right away and send you an alert.

Our Print Monitoring services also come with an easy-to-use Web-based portal that clearly shows you how every component of your network is performing. Check your online dashboard to get real-time status updates, customizable reporting functions, and notification of status changes.

SymQuest is not only a leading provider of document solutions like printers and copiers. We also provide Managed Print Services, which reduce printer IT costs and save you money. In fact, we’re ranked 22nd out of 2013’s top 100 Managed Service providers. Trust us to optimize your entire fleet of document output devices – and save you money in the process.

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