SafetyNet SmartSecure Suite

IT assessment, MFP security, and employee training for your business.


IT security vulnerabilities could be lurking within the walls of your company. It will be your responsibility to prevent a major cyber threat from breaching your network and your data.

SymQuest’s SmartSecure Suite offers three basic areas of IT security coverage to assess your IT infrastructure, protect your connected document output devices, and train your employees on IT security best practices. Whether you need to pass compliance standards, secure your printed documents, or train your team on how to prevent a phishing scam — the SmartSecure Suite has you covered.

Tools Available in the SmartSecure Suite

  • Security vulnerability assessment of your IT infrastructure through our state-of-the-art technology and trained engineers. A SymQuest security consultant will review your network infrastructure against industry best practices. Using innovative tools, our consultant will compile a high-level report on your network security, the gaps in your framework that need to be addressed, and even identify vulnerabilities associated with your networked copiers and printers.
  • Multifunction printer security through the Bizhub Secure application on all Konica Minolta MFPs. Change administrative passwords, encrypt hard disk drives, enable audit logs and more with the Bizhub Secure application on your MFP. Make certain your valuable data is safe from theft – and prevent it from being stolen from your MFP by an unauthorized user or extracted if the hard disk drive is removed from your multifunction device.
  • Comprehensive IT training for your employees. Determine the percentage of your employees that are prone to falling for a phishing scam. Test your employees on basic and advanced IT security best practices and review whether your teams have successfully completed their training. Design unique or popular email phishing tests to find out exactly when your employees become vulnerable to a phishing attack.
    • Pain Points Solved

    • Prevent downtime through early warning of hidden vulnerabilities.
    • Detect security threats on-premise or in the cloud.
    • Pass necessary compliance audits with less internal IT research.
    • Remove open security threats on networked printing devices.
    • Prevent costly ransomware attacks due to employee error.
    • Mitigate unwanted cyber security threats against important company assets.


      By signing up for the SmartSecure Suite you will benefit from the following features:

    • Scanning of your network for common vulnerabilities.
    • Security training and testing for today’s modern mobile workforce.
    • Access to a library of intricate email phishing tests for your company.
    • Awareness and analysis of what is occurring in your IT environment.
    • HDD encryption and security tools for networked MFPs.
    • Fewer sleepless nights worrying about IT!

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