Small and medium business outsourced IT solutions so you can focus on your business and let SymQuest manage your network.

Small and medium businesses need the ability to securely manage their data, but face tighter resource and budget constraints. That’s why we have created SafetyNet Ultimate. SafetyNet Ultimate shifts all the responsibilities associated with IT to SymQuest and provides you with a Virtual Chief Information Officer to lend expertise. From network administration to patch installs, from backups to maintaining support agreements, Ultimate takes care of outsourced IT for you for a predictable monthly fee.

Simplify IT and Network Management

  • Day to Day Administration and Management of Network Infrastructure
    and workstations
  • Monitored network performance and issue remediation
  • Security and Operating System Patches scheduled for remote installation
  • Data Protection for scheduled backup and data restoration
  • Anti-virus protection professionally automated and monitored
  • Hardware repair for warranty replacement and on-site repair
  • New user provisioning
  • Wireless, LAN, and WAN connectivity support and maintenance
  • Email support and maintenance
  • Access to SymQuest’s 24/7 Network Operation Center for technical support
  • Planning/Budgeting with a vCIO
  • Network Health Reporting

Introducing SafetyNet Hosted Ultimate

With Hosted Ultimate, you stop purchasing, upgrading, and managing a complicated network of hardware and operating systems – we take care of it for you. Minimize capital costs and get back to growing your business. Plus, enjoy the total peace of mind that comes with full disaster recovery and continuous online backup within the SymQuest data center. » Learn more

Meet Your Personal Chief Information Officer

vCIOSafteyNet Virtual Chief Information Officer A vCIO will be your personal guide for strategic technology planning. One of the real values behind the SafetyNet Ultimate program is the access to a vCIO’s expertise. Better than having an IT person on staff, vCIOs are invested in being up to date on all the latest technologies. Our vCIOs are there to help you make the right decisions when it comes to selecting hardware and software, forming policies, documenting your system and reporting on the health of your network. They begin by learning about your current business needs and helping you move toward improvements in areas of security, business continuity, planning
and budgeting.