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Full-Coverage Connectivity Implementation Across Outdoor Campus for Auto Dealer


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Goss Dodge Chrysler Ram Jeep

Project Overview

Located in South Burlington, VT, Goss Dodge Chrysler Ram Jeep is a nationwide leader in car and truck retail and commercial sales. They have a central location in South Burlington that provides maintenance and sales for new and used cars and trucks.

  • The client’s indoor/outdoor campus was experiencing poor connectivity as a result of their segmented legacy wireless access point, drastically limiting their ability to market and sell effectively.
  • SymQuest designed and implemented a secure, reliable fiber optic connectivity solution to accommodate harsh Vermont winters and a complex building configuration.
  • The client immediately benefited from improved connectivity and their network environment is positioned for future expanded use.

The Challenge

Effective marketing and sales in a car dealership rely heavily on strong, reliable, and continuous wi-fi coverage both in the show rooms indoors and in the lot outdoors. However, employees and customers were experiencing slow connectivity, drops, and very limited capabilities with their segmented legacy wireless access point solution.

Printing from a wireless device was challenging, uploading large files was very slow, email on mobile device was not reliable, and the connection would drop when moving around the building. There was no wi-fi on the outdoor lot.

Goss relied on the SymQuest team to make the necessary service improvements by providing full-coverage connectivity across the entire property — from the showroom to the lot, administrative spaces, and service areas.

The Solution

SymQuest’s network engineers worked closely with the client to select the appropriate hardware and software to meet their current needs, expand their network to match today’s standards, and position their environment to grow in future expansion. Prioritizing both data accessibility and protection, SymQuest implemented secure wi-fi from a simple, one office environment to a multi-branched enterprise structure with advanced centralized management.

Site Complexity & Harsh Winters

The Goss site required careful design and implementation to ensure high-speed and reliable connectivity. Being an outdoor campus in Vermont, winterproof gear is essential. Additionally, the building is quite complex with many separated spaces, several floor levels, and a large lot with power lines.

SymQuest’s network team engineered a secure, continuous, and high-performance connectivity solution with wireless access points carefully selected for harsh winters and a complex building. Fiber optic connectivity solutions ensure that the network’s bandwidth is not affected by the distance between access points and switches. SymQuest configured a centrally managed control for all internal and external wireless access points, while providing a smooth transition for the Goss staff by basing wi-fi access and us on established policies.

The Results

Goss Dodge Chrysler Ram Jeep is now operating with reliable, high-performance connectivity across the full campus. Their employees can now more effectively, efficiently, and accurately access data and other information necessary for sales, marketing, and administrative tasks.

This wi-fi coverage foundation has well-positioned Goss Dodge for future expanded use. As manufacturing and retail industries increasingly rely on wireless devices to access data, Goss Dodge’s campus is now confidently equipped to provide real-time data to/from their ERP to staff in the showroom and out in the lot, as well as streamline inventory management.

Goss Dodge Chrysler Ram Jeep

“The knowledge that your team stepped up when we needed it the most is the kind of service that will keep me coming back.”

– Brian Hoar, VP

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