Join Us in Reducing Waste and Keeping Business Green

SymQuest continuously works toward stewardship of our natural environment. We recognize that responsible business practices require the reduction of waste through redesigning business processes, including recycling. More importantly, we believe that the products that we market should also contribute to the overall strategy of reducing waste and power consumption throughout the communities we serve.


SymQuest strives to reduce cardboard waste by reusing cardboard boxes. One out of every three packages we ship is sent in a reused cardboard box, and on average we recycle two tons of waste cardboard per week through the Chittenden Solid
Waste District.

We have made a significant effort to source and market recycled toner cartridges. Of the 19,500 cartridges that we sold last year 84%, or about 16,335, were recycled. And, 95% of the 19,500 cartridges that we sold were returned to a recycling center by our clients. Beyond these efforts, we have championed the issue on a national scale with manufacturers such as Konica Minolta and HP.

Toner Recycling Programs

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Electronic Document Management

SymQuest is out front with electronic document management and reduction in paper use in businesses. We help our clients capture electronic records of their information and share it in a paperless environment—reducing the use of paper and eliminating the need for physical storage space.


Virtualization technology enables one server to take the place of ten and allows up to eighty workstations to be consolidated onto one server. There is about a 60% reduction in the power requirements of running a typical IT infrastructure consisting of six servers when that environment is reduced to one server through the application of virtualization technology. Not only are we helping our clients to implement these solutions, we have invested in virtualization within our own IT environment.