Want a Simple, Efficient, Reliable Infrastructure? Try Virtualization

One challenge we hear from clients is that of “infrastructure sprawl.” As their business grows, so do their hardware needs, requiring them to spend more and more time and money maintaining their machines.

Virtualization is the answer. Virtualization transforms hardware into software – including the CPU, RAM, hard disks, and network controllers – to create a fully functional, virtual machine that can run its own operating system and applications just like a”real” computer. In other words, virtualization turns one computer into many computers inside the same box.

The result? Applications that deploy more quickly, minimized downtime, and dramatically lower costs.

The Benefits of Virtualization

SymQuest’s Virtualization services deliver a wide range of benefits, making it one of our most popular offers.

Virtualization cuts IT expenses by 50%…

  • Annual savings of up to ,500 or more for each server virtualized
  • Less hardware to manage, replace, and house
  • Greater energy efficiency with fewer machines to run and cool

Virtualization is efficient…

  • Better utilization of server and storage hardware through consolidation
  • Single pane of glass to manage both virtual servers and storage
  • Host servers can support enough virtual machines to increase resource utilization from 15% to 80%

Virtualization keeps your business running…

  • High availability supports automatic recovery from the loss of server hardware
  • Leveraged hardware abstraction supports image-based backups and site
    failover capability
  • Disasters are avoided by moving virtual machines from one host to another with zero downtime

Take the Next Step to Virtualization

At SymQuest, we truly enjoy helping our clients simplify, save money, and free up time. Virtualization is one of our most powerful tools to achieve this.

Get in touch with us today to get started on Virtualization. Call us at 1-800-374-9900 or email info@symquest.com.