Managed Network Security

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Experience peace of mind with our Managed Network Security services, offering robust data protection, ensured backups, and comprehensive anti-virus protection.

Managed Services to Protect Your Network Environment

Our Managed Network Security services offer comprehensive protection for your digital assets. From advanced managed firewalls and antivirus solutions to robust data protection protocols, we ensure your network’s performance is optimized. Regular firmware updates and end-user training further safeguard your infrastructure, keeping your business secure and efficient.

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Managed Firewall

Managed Firewall

Let us set up and actively monitor your company firewalls, protecting your network and ensuring safe functionality of connected systems.

Firmware Updates

Firmware Updates

Stay protected against changing cyber threats, with remotely-installed security fixes and operating system patches.

End-User Training

End-User Training

Elite includes KnowBe4’s Enterprise Awareness Training program that includes mock attacks, web-based training, and assessment through simulated phishing messages.

SafetyNet Elite Services

SafetyNet Elite is an extension of your IT staff.

70% of cybersecurity professionals report their organizations are understaffed. 54% of companies say their IT departments are not equipped to handle advanced cyberattacks. Your SymQuest team will collaborate with you to help you choose the right hardware and software, form policies, document your system, and report on network health.

They analyze your current business needs and then assist with best-practice improvements in security, business continuity, planning, and budgeting, so you can focus on your business. Plus, our locally-based teams are available for rapid on-site assistance if needed.

  • Data Protection
    Ensure backups run and data can be restored.
  • Anti-virus Protection
    Automated and monitored.
  • Hardware Repair
    Warranty replacement and on-site repair.
  • Set Up New Users
    Remote implementation.
  • Network Performance
    Monitored and issues remediated.
  • Wireless & WAN Connectivity
    Diagnosis and remediation of issues.
  • Email
    Diagnosis and remediation of issues, spam filtered.
  • Security Fixes & OS Patches
    Scheduled for remote installation.
  • Low Disk Space
    Monitored and alert sent at specified threshold.
  • Malware Prevention
    Preventative filter for known sites.
  • Mobile Devices
    Email setup guidance.
  • IT Policy
    Policy drafting assistance.
  • 24-Hour Emergency Response
    Here when needed most.

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