Discover HP and Konica Minolta Wide Format Printers

With fast output, simple operation, and superior image quality in both color and B&W, Konica Minolta wide format printers provide the scalable reliability you need to meet any project demand. Whether in the office or in the field, take advantage of superior print quality and simple touch-screen controls that scale to fit any application or workspace.

HP Designjet T2600

Multifunction Printer

  • Provide the highest accuracy and display the finest details with the unique Adobe PDF Print Engine.
  • Radically simple experience with a 15.6-inch interface and the easy PDF printing with HP Click.
  • Meet deadlines with speeds up to 180 D/hr, the industries only integrated stacker, and dual rolls.
  • Control who accesses the printer and its confidential documents with secure user authentication features.
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HP DesignJet T2600

HP Designjet T1600

PostScript ® Printer

  • Meet deadlines with the fastest speed up to 180 D/hr , and dual roll option.
  • Best of class network protection with features like HP Secure Boot and whitelisting.
  • Showcase design versatility from precise line drafts to boldly colored 3D renders, with HP Bright Office Inks.
  • Fits your workplace with the most compact footprint and most quiet operation, with up to 87% less noise.
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HP DesignJet T1600