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Managed IT and Data Security Solutions Alleviate Network Burden of Family Dental Practice


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Bruce Feldstein, DDS, PC

Project Overview

Bruce Feldstein, DDS, PC is a full-service family dentistry practice located in West Lebanon, NH. The practice is committed to patient education to facilitate an ideal customized plan for long-term oral health.

  • A former employee held the “keys to the kingdom” for IT services, and the client needed to ensure the network was secure, compliant, and undisrupted.
  • SymQuest took over the client’s day-to-day IT management and replaced soon-to-be-expired Windows 7 workstations.
  • The client is now confident in the network’s reliability, security, and compliance.

The Challenge

The client had recently terminated their long-time office manager and was concerned about network security and HIPAA compliance. As an oral healthcare provider, the practice handles sensitive patient information and HIPAA-protected data. The former employee had the “keys to the kingdom” for their IT services, and their departure created a lack of internal knowledge or resources for managing the network properly and securely.

In addition, the client needed to upgrade all workstations off of Windows 7, an operating system that Microsoft is sunsetting. Without replacing their workstations, functionality would degrade over time as Microsoft phases out support and updates — presenting major operational and financial obstacles.

The client quickly needed to ensure their network was secure, compliant, and undisrupted.

The Solution

SymQuest’s Managed IT solutions filled the client’s resource and knowledge gaps. Implementing SafetyNet Ultimate, we have alleviated the client’s IT burden by taking over the day-to-day network management and play an active role in providing technical support and proactive planning.

Like many modern businesses, the client’s information network and business data is critical to daily operations. SymQuest’s IT engineers configured, setup, and continuously monitor the client’s backup to ensure their data is protected, secure, and recoverable — no matter what.

Our team of experts also replaced the client’s Windows 7 workstations so now their technology is up to date and efficient.

The Results

SymQuest’s Managed IT, backup, and workstation replacement services have solved the customer’s immediate challenges while setting them up for future success.

The daily network management routine has been taken completely off the client’s plate, and their network is now highly secure and HIPAA compliant. In the event of a disaster, their critical business data is backed up with full redundancy and ease of restoration. The client is enjoying high-performance, secure, and cost-effective network management, with regular maintenance and proactive network optimizations.

As Windows 7 is set to expire, the client’s newly upgraded workstations ensure that their office technology is updated, reliable, and well-positioned for future expanded use.

Bruce Feldstein, DDS, PC

“I can sleep at night knowing that SymQuest is managing our network.”

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