Remote Cybersecurity Package

Mitigate the security risk your company is facing with a remote work staff. This package will allow your organization to stay as secure as you are when your staff is working on site.

Remote Cybersecurity Package

Common critical remote security threats

Many end-users are working from their home devices, which may not have all the necessary protection needed to keep company data safe. Hackers have also increased their virtual offensive through phishing attempts, often under guise of selling masks or hand sanitizer, increasing the vulnerability of business network due to gateway access.

  • Increased phishing attempts
  • Old or outdated password policies
  • Lack of anti-virus software on personal devices
  • Multi-factor authentication is not implemented

How we assess your remote work environment

External Corporate Network Scan

External Corporate Network Scan

  • Scan all external IPs for vulnerabilities
  • Evaluate and review high-level and known virus susceptibilities
  • Rapid engagement from SymQuest
Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

  • Review the types of connections to your firewall
  • Determine if an updated password policy is needed
  • Review your security around remote access configuration
  • Help you determine optional security solutions you may want to implement
Optional Security Solutions

Optional Security Solutions

  • Security Awareness Training
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Managed anti-virus software on all devices accessing your network
  • Remote VPN access

Offer details

  • Convenient scan, plan, and execute package
  • External Corporate Network scan will allow us to see the current state of your environment
  • We will work with you to determine an action plan and implement optional solutions that will assist in creating a secure remote work environment

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