IT Solutions for Email Protection
and Continuity

Our dependence on email can be daunting. What if your server goes down, you get hit with a virus, or you send out confidential information that compromises company data? What does it cost your business if employees can’t access email?

Luckily, SymQuest offers comprehensive Email Protection and Continuity services for any kind of email disaster you encounter. Our email protections solutions are designed for maximum security and flexibility. In addition to anti-spam and malware protection, SymQuest integrates content-based policy enforcement, data loss prevention technology, and continuity services ensuring email access even in the case of server outages.

Email Protection Against Today’s
Greatest Threats

Yes, the “bad guys” are out there, trying to hack your email and dip into company and client data. SymQuest stops them in their tracks with protection against…

  • Phishing
  • Advanced malware
  • Over 99% of spam
  • Viruses
  • Fraud
  • Botnets

With hackers and criminals constantly inventing new methods of stealing your information and disrupting your business, you need to stay up-to-date with security measures. SymQuest will manage that for you. (Read about how SymQuest also protects against malicious websites…)

Our services also help stop leakage of personal, financial, or proprietary company data sent through your email system. We keep a trace on what’s been sent to minimize damage and keep you fully informed.

We not only protect you – we provide detailed reporting of factors like security statistics and overall system health.

Integrated with a Variety of Email Solutions

We know that companies have more than one email program to choose from. That’s why we integrate our email protection and continuity services with the following
Microsoft offerings:

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft 365
  • Exchange 2010
  • Cloud-based solutions like Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite (Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online, LiveMeeting, and Communicator)

Learn How SymQuest Protects Your Email
with our IT Solutions

Your business likely runs on email. SymQuest’s Email Protection and Continuity Services will keep it running securely.

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