Worry-free Data Protection and Recovery

If you’ve taken the steps to back up your business data in the cloud, good for you. Businesses can no longer afford to mess with fussy tape backups that cost an arm and a leg and fail far too often.

But who monitors your backup system? Who makes sure your backups are taking place on schedule? If you do need to recover a file, does it take you minutes, or hours?

SymQuest’s Managed Backup Service monitors and tracks your backups while driving down costs, freeing up your staff, providing assistance with data restoration and delivering precious peace of mind.

Automatic Backups Managed by IT Engineers

Managed means…

  • We handle configuration and setup
  • We take care of configuration changes
  • We monitor backup jobs
  • We perform data restores, supplying your lost or corrupted data quickly, for maximum uptime

… all through experienced IT engineers who are always available to answer questions.

Our Managed Backup Services allow you to purchase as much or as little backup storage capacity as you need. We keep track of how much data storage you’re utilizing for backup, and we let you know (as your storage needs grow) when you’re nearing your limit, offering solutions for how to move forward affordably.

Image-Based Backups – Cost-Effective
and Secure

SymQuest uses image-based backups, which collects all of the data in a single pass and compresses it into a single backup image. This system allows us to back up all relevant data, including operating system files, application files and data files. It’s the safest, most complete way to back up your data.

But we don’t stop there with our security measures. You can automatically back up your data locally, to other office sites, or to the cloud, for full redundancy. And all our data centers use 256-bit AES encryption and other compliance features, so you can be sure you’re getting the best of the best.

Get Full Protection – Back Up Your Critical
Data with SymQuest

When it comes to your business’s digital assets, there’s no so such thing as
being too careful.

Trust the company that’s ranked 18th out of 100 top providers nationally.
Contact SymQuest today and let us manage your online backups. Call 1-800-374-9900
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