Office 365: Cloud Storage and Collaboration

Watch this pre-recorded webinar to learn how OneDrive and Sharepoint are replacing traditional on-premise file servers to provide secure anywhere access to your content.

63 mins
January 17, 2019

Watch the webinar recording

About this webinar recording

In this Office 365 introductory webinar, we will review OneDrive and SharePoint and how they are replacing traditional on premise file servers to provide secure anywhere access to your content. You will see a live demo of real-time collaboration and other examples of collaboration utilizing Office 365.

What will I learn?

  • What is the Cloud and Office 365?
  • Is Office 365 replacing your local file server?
  • Local Files, OneDrive and SharePoint: Which one do you use?
  • What’s the difference: Office 365 online apps vs. installed desktop Office apps
  • Collaborating with Cloud documents and the benefits

Who is this webinar for?

  • Office Managers
  • Business Owners

About the presenter

Daniel St. Hilaire

Daniel St. Hilaire is a co-founder and partner at KnowledgeWave and is a lead for user adoption around Office 365 technologies. A leader and an innovator in the software training industry for nearly 20 years, Dan provides expertise to improve business processes and automation leveraging Office 365.

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