Cloud Services for a Safer,
More Efficient Office

The Internet has brought unparalleled opportunity to the business world. It also presents unprecedented challenges. With billions of websites available with a click, managers must consider how to allow employees access to the Web.

Most companies decide to control staff Internet use to maintain productivity while protecting the network from malicious sites.

If you’re ready to boost your efficiency and receive the best in protection from dangerous URLs and web-based threats, learn about SymQuest’s Web Filtering and
Security services.

Maximize Your Productivity with Web Filtering

Most employees are honest – but some undoubtedly spend too much time surfing the Web. Shopping, gaming, or using Facebook and Twitter only saps time from your workforce, making it harder to achieve your business goals.

SymQuest’s Web Filtering technology ends these distractions. Now you can…

  • Control which sites can be accessed on your network – create your own list or use our standard one.
  • Easily allow or block particular domains in each category with whitelists
    and blacklists.
  • Set up bypass privileges for blocked pages for particular users, such as
    marketing managers.

It’s about helping your people stay focused on their job while they’re in the office, and getting the most out of your human resources, while protecting your network and using your resources wisely.

Get Only the Good Stuff with Web Security

Drive-by downloads, phishing schemes, spyware… surfing the Web can lead to more than just lost time. Some websites actually contain little bits of software that infect your computer, grab your data, and put your entire network – and business – at risk. You should be able to use the Web safely. SymQuest’s Web Security solution lets you
do just this.

Our cloud-based software prevents employees from accessing sites that could cause you harm, relying on a regularly updated database of spyware sites. We analyze the category, behavior, and intent of a web page’s active content with sophisticated threat-analyzing technology . We also keep you informed, messaging you when a user accesses a dangerous site.
(We also protect your email. Learn how… )

Isn’t It Time to Take Control of the Internet?

SymQuest works to keep our clients safe and productive with advanced Web Filtering and Security. Learn how we can help you enjoy the best of the Internet – and
block the rest.

Contact SymQuest today. Email or call 1-800-374-9900.