Is Your Copier the Weakest Link in Your Security Environment?

Watch this pre-recorded webinar on printer and multi-function printer security risks, awareness, and preparedness. Regional Sales Director\Production Print Specialist for our Document Solutions team, Rick Zampini, reviews how you can partner with an experienced print specialist to implement a holistic 360-degree MFP security strategy.

41 mins
July 14, 2021

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About this webinar recording

A multifunction printer (MFP) can be an organization’s greatest asset in productivity, but poor MFP security can turn this tool into a cyber liability. Hackers have learned to leverage compromised MFPs as an entry point into the business network. Over the past few years, a lack of MFP security has led to 1.5 attacks on MFPs every minute. Some principal vulnerabilities include viruses, stored media, captured files, BIOS, and firmware, to name a few. The only way to ensure these threats are detected is by partnering with an MFP specialist.

During this webinar, we reviewed MFP vulnerabilities and basic steps organizations can take to improve their MFP security.

What will I learn?

  • How to identify vulnerabilities and potential security gaps
  • Steps to take towards hardening network printer security
  • Best practices to increase MFP Security

Who is this webinar for?

  • Office Managers
  • Business Owners

About the presenters

Rick Zampini

Rick Zampini is a Regional Sales Director\Production Print Specialist for SymQuest’s Document Solutions team. Zampini works with clients to provide efficient solutions to document output-related problems, specifically in production print and high capacity printing needs.

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