Multi-Factor Authentication: It’s No Longer Optional!

Watch this pre-recorded webinar to learn more about multi-factor authentication and why it is no longer optional.

27 mins
June 30, 2021

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About this webinar recording

We don’t lock our front door at home only to leave the back door wide open, yet many organizations still leave applications and data unprotected or barely protected with simple user names and passwords that are easily hacked. Enter Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) technology, in its new simplified form, creating a hard to penetrate shell that can protect all of your electronic data.

Modern MFA solutions unlike early incarnations, are simple to use and administer. The best are comprehensive allowing you to protect all of your on premise and cloud based applications and data from a central console. Some even allow you to interrogate the end device to be sure it’s been properly maintained.

What will I learn?

  • Why MFA & what is it?
  • Live demonstration of a simplified modern solution to the new MFA mandate

Who is this webinar for?

  • Office Managers
  • Business Owners

About the presenters

Mark Lorenzini

Lorenzini is an Account Executive on our IT Solutions team for SymQuest.

Chris Maynard

Chris is a Solutions Architect for SymQuest and is based in South Burlington, VT. As a Solution Architect he concentrates on how to use IT to solve all manner of technology specific riddles. With 20+ years of experience in the industry, he’s no stranger to finding creative ways of leveraging tech to solve a problem or improve efficiency.

Kristo Herzog

Herzog is a Partner Manager for Duo’s MSP team.

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