Optimize Your Workforce Through Software Systems Training

Watch this pre-recorded webinar on how companies like our partner at KnowledgeWaveKnowledgeWave, an industry-leading Microsoft training company, create a comprehensive online learning platform covering various topics from productivity using Microsoft tools to cybersecurity training. Area Vice President of Document Solutions at SymQuest, Ken Godzik, and Tom Heinrich, Director of Development at KnowledgeWave, review KnowledgeWave Training and how software development training betters businesses and their employees.

25 mins
August 25, 2021

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About this webinar recording

Comprehensive software development training should incorporate an online learning hub that is up-to-date with supporting materials on new software features as they release. From Microsoft Office 365 training to cloud-based software training, KnowledgeWave offers a robust blend of services in videos, webinars, and remote classes.

During this webinar, we reviewed KnowledgeWave’s Learning Site, its use, the importance of professional development, and what software training can leverage your employees and your business.

What will I learn?

  • How to use KnowledgeWave classes to support your employees’ development in software applications
  • How to improve employee productivity and engagement in software development training
  • What KnowledgeWave offers in packages and classes

Who is this webinar for?

  • Business Owners
  • Employees

About the presenters

Ken Godzik

Ken Godzik is currently the Area Vice President of Document Solutions at SymQuest. Godzik is responsible for driving equipment and solution sales through his team of twenty-three sales professionals from Bangor, Maine, to Watertown, NY. Godzik is well versed and passionate in coaching, developing, and building teams focused on improving quality, gaining efficiency, and reducing costs for SymQuest’s clients.

Tom Heinrich

Tom Heinrich is the Director of Development at KnowledgeWave.

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